Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DTSDTS is a Dynamic Type System run-time environment
DtsDigestA scalar hash of a DtsObjectVec
DtsFieldDtsField is a vector class used to describe a field specification such as translated into numeric identifiers for fast lookup
DtsObjectA DtsObject is an auto-pointer to a DtsObject_ instance
DtsObject_DtsObject_ instances should only be used via DtsObject auto-pointers (the auto-pointer keeps track of reference counts for the user)
DtsObjectVecA vector of DtsObject elements
DynamicArray< T >This is a wrapper around vector which grows the array as necessary to satisfy [] operations
FieldVecA vector of fields from a DtsObject
FieldVecDB< T >A persistent store for per-vector state
FieldVecDict< T >A dictionary for FieldVec keys
FieldVecElementAn element of a FieldVec
FieldVecHash< T >A map for FieldVec keys. The key itself is not stored, just a hash
FieldVecSetA hash_set for FieldVec
FilelistA pure virtual base for classes that return filenames
FilelistArgsReturn file names from an argument vector
FilelistBoundedReturn filenames from an index file
FilelistConstantReturn a single filename
FilelistErrorNever return a file name
FilelistOneshotReturn a single filename
FilelistStdinReturn file names from STDIN
SmacqGraphThis is a container for an SmacqGraphNode which may have multiple heads or tails
SmacqGraphNodeThis is a node in a graph. Each node references its parents and children
SmacqModuleA virtual base class for SMACQ modules
SmacqModule::SmacqModule::algebraThe algebra element is optional and is used only by the dataflow optimizer
SmacqModule::SmacqModule::smacq_initThis context structure is passed to SmacqModule constructors
SmacqSchedulerThis is a scheduler for processing any number of SmacqGraph instances
StrucioStreamPure-virtual base class for input streams
StrucioWriterA file writer for structured data
ThreadedSmacqModuleA virtual base clase for SMACQ modules that are executed with in their own "thread" instead of being event-driven
ThreadSafeBooleanA thread-safe boolean value
ThreadSafeContainer< T, CONTAINER >A base class for thread-safe containers
ThreadSafeCounterAn atomic, thread-safe counter
ThreadSafeDynamicArray< T >A thread-safe dynamic array
ThreadSafeMap< KEY, VALUE, LT >A Thread-safe map based on an STL map
ThreadSafeMultiSet< T >A thread-safe multiset
ThreadSafeRandomAccessContainer< T, CONTAINER >A base class for random-access thread-safe containers
ThreadSafeStack< T >A thread-safe version of the STL stack class
ThreadSafeVector< T >A thread-safe version of the STL vector class

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