System for Modular Analysis and Continuous Queries

SMACQ is an extensible system for analyzing streams of structured data.

Embedding SMACQ in Your Application

You will need to instantiate a DTS type system object, a SmacqScheduler, and a SmacqGraph. Then use SmacqGraph::addQuery() to parse one or more queries. Finally use one of the SmacqScheduler methods like SmacqScheduler::input() or SmacqScheduler::busy_loop().

Creating a SMACQ Type Module

Type modules define interfaces for parsing data. See the dts-modules manpage for more information.

Creating a SMACQ Processing Module

A data-processing module should be a subclass of SmacqModule or ThreadedSmacqModule.

Using a DtsObject

SMACQ uses the DtsObject abstraction for all data that it handles. C++ programmers should ALWAYS use a DtsObject auto-pointer rather than referencing the underlying DtsObject_ class directly. Classes like FieldVecHash and FieldVecSet are provided to make it easier to do common tasks with a DtsObject.

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